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Ana’s business career began at AT & T Corporation where assignments ranged from District Manager-Strategic Management Billing Cost Analysis, District Manager-Billing Quality, and Operations Manager to Engineering Staff Supervisor, Manager- Accounting Operations and, National Account Manager- Political Accounts (Democratic Presidential Candidates). Appointments as Interim President and Vice-President, New Detroit, Inc. followed in which Ana served the Greater Detroit Community, working to restructure the firm and improve overall effectiveness.

Ana Van de Velde

In a vast pivot, Ana successfully helped establish Automotive Strategy Corporation, an international consulting firm specializing in competitive benchmarking within the auto industry; where, she oversaw marketing, organizational and quality related studies, planning and administration.


What’s clear is that there was no definitive roadmap at the onset of Ana’s personal journey but, an inner drive that provided a sense of purpose, resolve and direction. Despite the rigors, Ana rejects the temptation to become “all business.” Instead, she has maintained that part of her character that links in real and meaningful ways to people. 

Her priorities have extended beyond the bottom-line, creating a style of engagement and compassionate  leadership that addresses the broader needs of many constituencies such as serving as:  Mentor and Sponsor- Pink Panthers FIRST Robotics Team; Commission Member-State of Michigan Higher Education Facilities Commission; President and Finance Committee Chair- United Neighborhood Centers of America; Member- Indiana University Alumni Association Executive Councils (2) and Finance Committee; Board Member- Society of Automotive Engineers (Leadership Committee), Judson Center, and Go Like the Wind Montessori School.

With the broad shoulders and steel will of someone born in Chicago and subsequently raised in the “rust belt” of the Midwest, Gary, Indiana, Ana has capitalized on exposure and achievement, as well as challenge and disappointment. One may have the inclination to classify her as an “over-achiever” but, that is a misnomer in her case. What Ana has managed to do is fulfill high levels of expectation in varied directions, while living her philosophy of never shying away from a project, assignment or challenge worth pursuing. 


Ana is a graduate of Indiana University and Purdue University Krannert Graduate School of Management; an honoree for national community service and, the international community as Honorary Citizen of Agnetz, France, bestowed by  Edouard Courtial,  Member of  the National Assembly of France, Oise Department. She is a dual citizen of the US and France; a world-wide traveler; a travel writer and an entrepreneur. Ana is a role model of diversification, engagement and global thinking, experiences, and practices.

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